A picture of the complete set of the Half-Hearts Trilogy.

“…a wondrous world of magic and imagination. Half-Hearts is right up there with The Hobbit, Chronicles of Narnia, Wizard of Oz, and Harry Potter!”

~ Lisa Linsky, voting member of the Grammys

“For those of us who grew up with Harry Potter, our next adventure awaits!”

~ Shaun Laqeretabua, composer

“The female Tolkien.”

~ Mark Kubr, stunt man and actor from the Iron Man movies, about authoress, Kealohilani

“I literally was transported to another world and I am now having severe Alamea withdrawals. Never in my life have I eagerly anticipated Books two and three of any series which such ferocity.”

~ Veronica Grey, popular TV guest and critically acclaimed author.

“Too many movies nowadays try to show the ugly and the dirty “reality” of our world and our daily lives. What I love about Half-Hearts is that it inspires you to dream again.”

~ Khotan, actor and international soap star sensation

“I could not put it down. As I read it, it took me on an adventure… I went through a broad range of emotions; exhilaration, anxiety, grief (I wept), anger, fear, the whole gamut and even felt/experienced the joy & serenity of true love and it’s confusions and mysteries when challenged!”

~ Sakura Thompson Williams, Film Development Consultant

“It certainly is a magical world that could have the success of Harry Potter or Twilight… I knew that it would be good but I didn’t know that it would be THIS good. The characters are fantastic!”

~ Tiffany Hofstetter, actress

“Book One of the Half Hearts Trilogy is an epic tale of love and loss, good and evil, and the fight for justice, woven together beautifully by Kealohilani… Half-Hearts will leave you touched, tearful, hopeful, and shocked, making you desperately wish the next novel was in your hands so you could find out what happens next to the characters you have become so involved with throughout book one.”

~ Amanda Meredith, author and blogger

“Been hooked from the very beginning. The whole time I’m reading I can’t help but wonder, what if this is true? It’s flat out an amazing read!”

~ Joseph Faifili, filmmaker

“So awesome! I loved every bit of it. I felt all the emotions… It was written so well. And [the] vision and imagination is incredible! I believe this book will help so many [people because] it’s very inspiring!”

~ Jay Mataele, professional dancer


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